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My name is Joshua and I’m a graphic designer. My work is an extension of my creativity and I aim to share it with the world. I hope to add value to you and your upcoming projects.

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4. Shami Oshun

Elevating Style and Technology
Shami Oshun is an emerging fashion designer known for her innovative blend of clothing and new technologies. Seeking to solidify and elevate her brand to a high-end standard, Shami approached me with the specific goal of creating a new logo that would embody the essence of her cutting-edge designs.


Shami Oshun aspired to transition her brand from emerging to high-end, aligning with the avant-garde nature of her fashion designs. The primary objective was to craft a sophisticated and memorable logo that reflected the fusion of style and technology inherent in Shami's creations. The client required a fast and professional approach, understanding the need to maintain momentum in the fast-paced fashion industry.


Combining the innovative nature of Shami's designs with a high-end aesthetic without losing the essence of her brand proved to be a delicate balancing act. Additionally, the need for a quick turnaround required efficient communication, rapid iteration, and a streamlined design process.

Initial Logo Sketches

Our Approach

I immersed myself in Shami Oshun's existing brand identity, studying her unique design philosophy, the fusion of fashion and technology, and her target audience. This research formed the foundation for our design exploration.

Numerous sketches and design concepts were generated to explore various visual representations of the brand. I prioritized monogram designs to encapsulate elegance and simplicity.

Maintaining open communication channels with Shami was crucial. Regular feedback sessions ensured alignment with her vision and allowed for quick adjustments, contributing to the efficiency of the process.

I leveraged digital tools to rapidly prototype and visualize logo concepts. This allowed me to present a variety of options to the client in a short period, facilitating a swift decision-making process.
Monogram Development: Focusing on a monogram approach, I refined the chosen concept, ensuring it encapsulated the essence of Shami Oshun's brand. Attention was paid to every detail, from the choice of typography to the integration of subtle design elements symbolizing the convergence of fashion and technology.

The new monogram logo successfully elevated Shami Oshun's brand to a high-end standard, embodying the sophistication and innovation synonymous with her designs.

The chosen monogram design achieved a perfect balance between innovation and elegance, creating a memorable and timeless visual representation for the brand.

My efficient design process enabled a quick implementation of the new logo across various brand touchpoints, maintaining momentum for Shami Oshun's brand in the competitive fashion landscape.

I successfully met the challenges posed by Shami Oshun's aspirations for brand elevation. The collaboration resulted in a refined and impactful monogram logo that not only met the client's goals but also positioned Shami Oshun's brand as a beacon of style and technology in the fashion industry. This case study exemplifies my commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and innovative design solutions for clients in dynamic and competitive markets.

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