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My name is Joshua and I’m a graphic designer. My work is an extension of my creativity and I aim to share it with the world. I hope to add value to you and your upcoming projects.

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Freemind US is a brand created by an emerging Ivorian fashion designer with a passion for football and a deep admiration for the iconic player Djibril Cisse. The brand blends elements of football culture with high fashion, aiming to redefine Ivorian style on the global stage.

  1. Freemind US needed a compelling pitch deck to present to potential sponsors for their upcoming fashion show. The goal was to secure sponsorships that would elevate the brand and help fund the show.

  2. The client required the pitch deck to be designed and delivered overnight, ready for their first meeting with potential sponsors the following day.

  1. The overnight delivery requirement posed a significant challenge, requiring rapid ideation, design, and production of the pitch deck.

  2. The pitch deck needed to effectively convey the unique blend of football culture, high fashion, and Ivorian identity that defines the Freemind US brand.

Our Approach
  1. I conducted a brief but comprehensive consultation with the client to understand their brand, vision, and key messages for the pitch deck.

  2. Leveraging our expertise in brand design and quick turnaround projects, we swiftly developed a concept that encapsulated the essence of Freemind US. This involved creating visually striking slides that incorporated elements of football, fashion, and Ivorian culture.

  3. Utilizing assets provided by the client, including images of their fashion designs, logos, and brand colors, we integrated these seamlessly into the pitch deck design to ensure brand consistency.

  4. Despite the tight deadline, we maintained open communication with the client, allowing for quick feedback and revisions to ensure the final product met their expectations.

  1. The pitch deck was delivered to the client overnight and was successfully presented to potential sponsors, showcasing the unique identity and potential of the Freemind US brand.

  2. The pitch deck received a positive reception from sponsors, with several expressing interest in supporting the brand's upcoming fashion show.

  3. The professionally designed pitch deck helped elevate the Freemind US brand in the eyes of potential sponsors, positioning it as a promising and innovative player in the fashion industry.

Despite the challenges posed by the overnight timeline, our freelance brand design practice successfully delivered a compelling pitch deck that captured the essence of the Freemind US brand. The project demonstrated our ability to work efficiently and creatively under pressure, ultimately contributing to the brand's efforts to secure sponsorships and showcase Ivorian style on a global platform.