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My name is Joshua and I’m a graphic designer. My work is an extension of my creativity and I aim to share it with the world. I hope to add value to you and your upcoming projects.

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2. SF Urban Film Fest

Urban Futures with San Francisco Urban Film Festival 2022
The San Francisco Urban Film Festival (SFUFF) is an annual event that explores the dynamic relationship between urban environments and their communities through the lens of filmmaking. In 2022, the festival, titled "Urban Futures," aimed to delve into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the city and its communities, using 17 carefully curated films and 6 community engagement programs.

The client approached me with the objective of refreshing and modernizing their brand identity specifically for web and social media platforms. The festival sought a vibrant, contemporary image that would resonate with its audience and effectively convey the theme of Urban Futures.

Initial Mockups/Sketches

Balancing the sensitivity of the COVID-19 theme with an engaging and optimistic brand image was crucial. I ensured the diverse range of films and community engagement programs were seamlessly integrated into the branding strategy.

8th Annual SFUFF 2022

  1. We conducted in-depth research on the festival's theme, Urban Futures, and the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed us to develop a nuanced understanding of the content and its implications.

  2. Leveraging the insights gained from our research, we developed a creative concept that balanced the serious undertones of the pandemic with an optimistic outlook for the future. The concept aimed to showcase the resilience and strength of urban communities.

  3. I crafted a modern and visually striking system that incorporated elements symbolizing upward mobility and urban landscapes. The color palette was carefully chosen to evoke both the vibrancy of the city and the hope for the future.

  4. The new branding was seamlessly integrated across the festival's website and social media accounts. Custom graphics, banners, and promotional materials were created to maintain a consistent and engaging online presence.

  5. To highlight the 17 films and 6 community engagement programs, we developed a content mapping strategy that ensured each piece received adequate visibility. This involved creating templates for posts and promotional material for each film and program, while maintaining coherence within the overall brand image.

Mockups/Sketches for Social Media 

    1. The refreshed branding strategy led to a significant increase in engagement across the festival's online platforms, with higher participation in discussions and community programs.

    2. The audience responded positively to the new branding, appreciating its modern aesthetics and its ability to convey the festival's theme effectively.

    3. The redesigned website and social media accounts provided a streamlined and user-friendly experience, making it easier for attendees to navigate the diverse content offered by the festival.

    In the span of one month, I successfully reinvigorated the San Francisco Urban Film Festival's online presence for the "Urban Futures" edition. The revamped branding not only met the client's goals but also contributed to a more engaging and impactful festival experience for both virtual and in-person attendees. The case of SFUFF 2022 proves my ability to deliver creative and effective solutions within tight timelines while maintaining a strategic focus on client objectives.